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Re: Honeyd for win32

From: Michael A. Davis <>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 19:26:21 -0600


> I need help. I installed honeyd for win32 and the winpcap on a Win2000
> box. Upon clicking on Honeyd.exe to start the message: Impossible SI
> range in fingerprint "Windows NT 4 SP3" Nothing else happens. I used the
> winPcap _3_0 beta.exe loaded first then tried install of honeyd-0.5-win32.

This is perfectly normal and will appear on the UNIX version of honeyd-0.5
as well.

> I thought maybe because it is a beta version and because the Readme file
> indicates that it does not work with all versions of Windows, I then
> uninstalled the beta version and installed the WinPcap 2.3. Upon trying
> to install honeyd with this version of WinPcap the error message: The
> procedure entry point pcap_findalldevs could not be located in the dynamic
> link library wpcap.dll. And it also does not install honeyd for win32.

No. The readme states: !!! NOTE: Honeyd-win32 has ONLY been test with
WinPCAP Version 3.0 Beta. Other versions may or may not work. !!!

I.E. You should ONLY use WinPCAP Version 3.x which is currently beta.

> So..since I have received both of these message inhibiting my installing
> honeyd on a Win2k box....what do I do now? If it requires much C++
> programming... or compiling I won't make it.

All the options for the honeyd-win32 are exactly the same as its UNIX
counterpart. Contained in the zip file is a file named honeyd.html.Read that
HTML file and it should help you with the options etc you can run honeyd

Michael A. Davis
Software Engineer
SecurityProfiling, Inc.
Received on Mon Mar 31 2003 - 21:20:18 PST

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