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honeynet/honeyd presentation

From: Niels Provos <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 23:28:17 -0400


I just finished giving a presentation on the Honeynet Project and
Honeyd in particular at the Lockdown'03 conference. Lance thought
that you guys might find the slides of interest. They can be found at

The talk reflects some of the recent Honeyd improvements.

At LSM2003, I have been using it to create a wireless honeypot in a
lecture hall that was otherwise without network. I created a fake
Internet topology making the whole Internet address space available in
a single machine. Internet in the box so to say.

The configuration was very simple:

  Port 53 was running a DNS resolver that resolved any name to its MD5
  hash. Accessing a web page on any server would result in the
  program schedule. Mail was queued and a SSH server was running,
  too. It is amazing how many people provide their login and password
  even after they were warned about a changed host key.

People might be interested in another use of Honeyd: In classrooms to
provide Internet simulations to students. That way students can study
the effect of latency and packet loss on connections with a central
machine that they hook their laptops into.

Let me know about comments and questions.

Received on Fri Jul 18 2003 - 10:31:11 PDT

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