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RE: honeyd and cable modem

From: Craig Sharp <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:05:05 -0500


You understand correctly. I only have one IP available and that is currently assigned to eth0 via dhcp.

Please explain further. If I have a 62.63.64.x address assigned from the cable modem to eth0, how would I bind that address in honeyd.conf? Would I just use something like the following:

bind 62.63.64.x windows

Do I assign the invalid IP to eth0 and then arpd the dhcp address? The cable modem must see the MAC address to function properly so I am not sure what to do.


>>> <> 12/16/03 10:44PM >>>

>I know that honeyd relies on arpd to use all available addresses in a
>but this wont work in my situation with only a single address.

If I got you correctly Craig, the problem seems to be that the Honeyd
virtual honeypot has to listen for an IP that is currently assigned to
the Honeyd host, and you have only 1 IP to spare between the Honeyd host
and the virtual honeypot.

You could bind the virtual honeypot to the IP provided by the cable
modem in the honeyd.conf file, and assign just any other invalid IP to
the Honeyd host itself. You can run Arpd to respond to arp requests for
the IP provided by the cable modem, and the Honeyd host will thus pick
up the packets and hand them over to the Honeyd virtual honeypot.


Roshen Chandran
Paladion Networks
Received on Wed Dec 17 2003 - 10:24:51 PST

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