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Honeyd 0.6: Happy Summer/Pre-Birthday Release

This version of Honeyd was released under a 4-clause BSD license on 2003-06-23.

New Features

The release contains the following new features:

  • Plugin Support: Allow external developers to hook into the Honeyd packet stream. Thanks to Christian Kreibich.
  • Faster Routing Code: The routing code has been improved to scale to larger topologies using trinary tree code provided by Bill Cheswick.
  • Asymmetric Routing: Support for asymmetric routes and GRE tunneling allowing distributed Honeyd installations and virtualization of dispersed topologies.
  • External Machine Integration: External machines can be integrated into the virtual routing topology to create more realistic honeynets. This feature may also be used for network simulation by placing several machines at different ends of the topology and see how packets are affected by packet loss, etc.
  • Subsystem Sharing: Subsystems can be shared between different virtual hosts now to increase the performance on large networks.


Honeyd 0.6 has been superseded by a security update. Please, install a newer version.

This version of Honeyd has been released under a 4-clause BSD license. While it is free for commercial use, the license requires you to credit the author.

Honeyd is distributed free of charge, but any contribution either by reducing my wishlists, by shopping at Amazon through the provided links or by leaving a tip is appreciated.