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Honeyd 0.8b

This version of Honeyd was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) on 2004-04-19.

New Features

It contains the following new features:

  • Log rotation: When receiving SIGUSR1, Honeyd rotates it's log files.

Bug Fixes

It contains the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed many bugs relating to nmap operating system detection: constant sequence number, dont-fragment flag and more.
  • Fixed compile issues on Linux and *BSD relating to honeydctl.
  • Updated association file between xprobe and nmap fingerprints.
  • Python internal services can close connection by returning None; fixed by Andrew R. Jones.

Regression Testing

I am looking for a machine donation to be able to run regression and performance tests of Honeyd on several different operating systems. If you are in a position to donate a machine for this purpose, please contact Niels Provos.


You can download the source code from the following location:

Honeyd has been released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)

Honeyd is distributed free of charge, but any contribution either by reducing my wishlists, by shopping at Amazon through the provided links or by leaving a tip is appreciated.