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Honeyd 1.5

This version of Honeyd was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) on 2006-02-11.

New Features

This release contains many new features:

  • Statistics Collector: A daemon that can process netflow-like information exported by several Honeyd instances and do computations on the data - see live data.
  • Improved Subsystems: Improved support for subsystems permits running more complicated UNIX applications like mwcollect as a subsystem for Honeyd.
  • Proxy and SMTP subsystems: Example subsystems to simulate open proxies and mail relays. These subsystems are written with performance in mind and have no problem in keeping up with a busy network.

Security Fixes

It contains the following security fixes:

  • A bug in Honeyd's IP reassembly code allows adversaries to remotely fingerprint honeypots. Thanks to Jon Oberheide for finding the bug; see adv.2006-01 for more information

Bugs can be reported via the Bugzilla server hosted by the Honeynet project.


Many thanks to following people who have helped with this release: Jon Oberheide, Bill Cheswick, Francis Hauguet, Calin Radoni and Javier Fernández-Sanguino.


You can download the source code from the following location:

Honeyd has been released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)

Honeyd is distributed free of charge, but any contribution either by reducing my wishlists, by shopping at Amazon through the provided links or by leaving a tip is appreciated.