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Honeyd Acknowledgments

Without Dug Song's libdnet this work would have been much much harder.

I would also like to thank

  • Bill Cheswick,
  • Derek Cotton,
  • Marius Eriksen,
  • Christopher Kolina,
  • Christian Kreibich,
  • Yuqing Mai,
  • Laurent Oudot,
  • Jamie Van Randwyk,
  • Dug Song,
  • Lance Spitzner,
  • Eric Thomas and
  • David Yeske
for helpful suggestions, ideas and code contribution,
  • George Akimov,
  • Peter Balland,
  • Peter Bates,
  • Mariusz Burdach,
  • Lucio Franco,
  • Andrew Rucker Jones and
  • Christian Kreibich
for finding bugs.

And of course, the Center for Information Technology Integration at the University of Michigan for everything.

If you are missing from this list and have contributed to Honeyd, please let me know and I will fix the omission.